My Essential Camera Kit by Trevor Bobyk

Let’s take a second and talk about GEAR. I think we all get a little hit of energy when we hear that word. I’ve been in the photo/video game for over 5 years, slowly building my kit to where it is an essential part of my style of work. This article is meant as a guide for those creators out there looking for inspiration and guidance to building their photo/video kit. So here it is - all the tools I use.


A Brief Rundown:

The holy trinity of lenses: Having the ability to cover the focal lengths between 16-200mm has changed the game for me. When I first started prime lenses were my go to. This was mainly due to their price point, but as I started to take on more jobs having zoom lens became paramount. It has done wonders being able to capture so much more specifically during automotive or sailing events. I always come back with so much more content when using these lenses compared to primes. I’m sure there will be point in time where I go back to prime lens - but for now zooms are my bread and butter.

Camera: The Sony A7iii is my camera of choice. I think it has the perfect balance between photo and video. With a full-frame sensor it performs amazing in low-light, in some regards even better then the Sony A7sii. And with Sony’s lineup of Gmaster lens - Sony right now has it all for any photo/video professional out there. If you had to ask me what the best camera to buy right now, I’d say the Sony A7iii.

Gimbal: I’ve tried all sorts of different gimbals and I’ve always came back to the DJI Ronin S for its reliability and ease of use. It has the ability to hold extremely heavy camera rigs, allowing me to use a heavy lens like the 24-70 GM with my A7iii and have no balancing issues.

Below you can find all the gear I am currently using.

If you have any questions regarding my kit, or are just interested in talking about gear hit me up on Instagram @trevorbobyk

Master Color Grading your Sony Footage by Trevor Bobyk

Roughly 2 years ago. I decided to pick up the SONY A7s mark 1, coming from a Canon T3I. I had the toughest time figuring out how to get colors that looked good once I finished editing. I tested picture profiles like S-log-2 and the standard picture profile. After spending quite of bit of time with the camera, I believe I’ve discovered the best way to shoot and color in my opinion. I’ve shared my camera settings and editing process below. I hope this helps anyone else who has recently picked up a Sony camera and having difficulty getting natural or cinematic colors.

I find these settings work well in all situations (day or night) and are much easier to work with when compared to SLOG2. You can input the following settings in any of the picture profile slots you want, I've personally loaded these setting in PP6 right below SLOG2. If anyone else has any comments or questions. Please let me know. Always happy to help!

  • Settings Updated 2019:

    - Black Level: +7

    - Gamma: Cine4 or Cine2

    - Black Gamma: wide, +5

    - Kee Mode Manual 80% Slope +5

    - Colormode: Cinema

    - Detail: -7

    - Saturation: -5

    - I use PP6 as my base starting profile and leave all other settings at default

These settings should give you an excellent starting point for color grading and remove the stress of working with S-LOG 2. If you are looking to speed up your color grading process I’m offering a Sony Lut pack designed specifically for this picture profile.

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